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The Foundations in RRI online course is a self-study program designed for beginners, requiring no prior knowledge of RRI.


Empowering you to create technology that’s not only innovative but also ethically responsible.


How Responsible Organisations lead with impact with ISO 26000 and PAS 440.


Essential techniques and insights for effective, ethical, and sustainable stakeholder interactions.


Transform Your Research into a Force for Global Sustainability

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Designed for university students and staff, this course offers key insights and strategies to effectively engage and collaborate with diverse stakeholders in an academic and professional setting.
Dive into the PAS440 framework to learn how to navigate and implement ethical, sustainable innovation practices in your research and projects.
This short online course provides you with a general overview of responsible research and innovation.

What are the benefits of the training?

Enhanced Social Impact

RRI ensures that research and innovation activities are aligned with societal needs and concerns. By engaging with diverse stakeholders, including citizens, policymakers, and civil society organizations, universities can better understand and address pressing societal challenges, leading to research outcomes that have a more significant positive impact on society.

Increased Ethical & Moral Responsibility

RRI emphasizes ethical considerations, transparency, and accountability throughout the research process. Investing in RRI demonstrates a commitment to conducting research and innovation in a morally responsible manner, fostering trust among stakeholders and the public.

Better Funding Opportunities

Many funding agencies and programs, both within the UK and internationally, prioritize projects that demonstrate a commitment to responsible and ethical research practices. Investing in RRI can make universities and institutions more attractive candidates for research funding, thereby expanding their financial resources.

Long-Term Sustainability

RRI promotes research and innovation that considers the long-term impacts and sustainability of technological advancements. By investing in RRI, universities contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future, which aligns with the broader goals of sustainable development.

Global Collaboration

RRI encourages collaboration and knowledge exchange among different disciplines, sectors, and countries. UK universities investing in RRI can foster international partnerships and collaborations that contribute to global solutions for complex challenges.

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